You were convicted of a crime you did not commit and imprisoned.
There is no way you are staying a second longer in this prison. You make the decision to attempt your escape…
You crawl into the tunnels and make it outside… but realize you forgot the guards perched above the walls.
The alarm goes off, no more time to think!
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22 Août
Rawdon 2020
8 Août
Québec 2020
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Here is your chance to experience the most thrilling immersive adventure! You will have to face the 25 obstacles and guard zones between you and freedom! Equipped with a belt with three flags, your goal will be to keep at least one of the them around your waist all the way to the finish line. Your race continues even if you lose them.
courage and
6k of fun
and thrills
Zones with
guards determined
to catch you
At the end of the challenge
1.If you lost all your escape flags, you will have to go through the mud pit…
2.No matter your performance, everyone receives an amazing medal and escapee shirt!
3.It’s time to relax! Enjoy good music with your group!
Everyone can escape !
Do the race at your pace and come have fun with friends and family! No stress!
Try to keep your escape flags and challenge yourself, all while having a blast!
Join the elite wave (without prison guards) and try to do the best time to be on the podium!
Prison Break Kids
Untimed escape and fun prison guard zones!
Included: finisher medal for everyone!