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You begin to notice the sun is hiding earlier? 
The air is getting colder...
Your friends and colleagues believe they have caught a "a cold", while their symptoms awfully resemble those of an infected soldier in transition? 

Only one possible conclusion: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS COMING!

Get ready to run for your life at THE deadliest race!

Your mission: SURVIVE!

With determination and courage, you will have to face the hordes of zombies, while overcoming over 25 obstacles on a terrifying 5k course.  

Each soldier will have three lives (represented by a belt with three flags), which the zombies will try to take. You?re only mission will be to survive, by running for your life, dodging attacks and preventing infection! 

What awaits you:

+ Over 100 terrifying zombies with professional makeup  
+ Spectacular scenery
+ 90 000 watts of light and sound effects
+ Evening start waves with an incredible atmosphere

Your adrenaline will be at its peak in this race against the zombies! Be prepared to put your mental and physical abilities to the test. At the end, if you have at least one life left, you are saved! Otherwise, you will have to quickly go through the decontamination chamber.

We hope to see you at the finish line soldiers? will you make it out alive?!


Base Bootcamp
Parc Du Mont Hatley
4785 Ch de Capelton
North Hatley
QC, J0B 2C0



- 5k and 25 obstacles 
- 3 water stations
- Includes a Zombie Apocalypse medal



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