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Saturday, July 17 2021

Let's go back to the 1800s in northern Canada. When 30 000 Canadians went logging every year to build our country. They didn't have it easy, and yet are known for their incredible toughness and hard work even in the grueling winter season. 

Come take part in a fun experience, focused on the terrain, course and obstacles, based on the original logger. Our ancestors were real-life superheroes. Felling and milling lumber on our challenging land to build a future for their families.

To honor them, wear a plaid shirt and come live the ultimate obstacle race experience at The Northman Race.

Be warned, the log carry, tree climbing, wood sawing and ax throwing are only the beginning of your adventure with the Northman. No matter the obstacles in his path, the logger managed to make it back to camp before dark. 

The Open event is suitable for absolutely anyone. The theme will be at the heart of your experience, bringing you back in time. The goal is to have a good time, all while enjoying your traditional waffle at the end of your race!

For our competitive athletes, the Logger and Marathon events will be closer to what our beloved grandparents had to endure. This course will be longer, tougher and will have more obstacles. This challenge will crown our very best head to toe athletes. 

Are YOU ready to live the ultimate Northman experience?

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- 400m, 6k, 8k, 42.2k

- Water stations on course

- Delicious waffle at the finish line

- Northman Race finisher medal 


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